Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Corey and I took a much needed little Vacay last weekend to Zion. My sisters and I played in a  volleyball tournament in St. George on Friday then Saturday Corey and I headed up to ZION. It was Beautiful, a little cold and I was Sick and Sore from the tournament but we still had a great time, we stayed at a REALLY great place called 'Cliffrose Inn' and we got a room/suite for $100 that is ussually $230 because they were still on winter Rates (yay!). It was very relaxing and SO nice for us to just be together. While we were there we saw a wedding. They just had it out in the middle of nowhere at the head of the trail going into the narrows. It looked beautiful! small and you could tell everyone who needed to be there, was. Corey and I were completely jealous.