Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Some hillarious Quotes

Most of these conversations took place in German... so the translations might not be as funny but these are things I want to remember

Man on Radio- Hallo Zusamen!
Me-Why does he say that? it means hello together right?.. I dont get what it means
Johanna- I know it just means like hello everbody
Me- Well that's stupid, why doesnt he just say 'hallo Jedeman' then?
Johanna- I dont know it is just another thing so Americans dont learn German

Yesterday was Carnival and all the kids dress up like halloween Johanna was a Jaguar...
Johanna was running up the stairs and fell and started crying so her friend came over and says
friend- It's ok, dont cry, Tigers dont cry
Johanna- Im a jaguar! they cry!

Me- tedddy why wont you go poop on the toilet? are you scared or just lazy?
teddy- I do go on the toilet but the poop is scared of the toilet and it wont come out.

Johanna- A girl in my class think that you are very pretty, I dont know why, I think she just like brown hair.

Emma was an astronaut(sp?) for Carnival
Emma- I dont want to be and astronaut when I grow up so maybe I shouldnt be one for carnival
Amelie- well johanna isnt going to be a jaguar
Emma- No but she can always drive one

Teddy- Haley, I am bad
Me- what?
teddy- I pooped

Teddy- I am blue, green and purple...what color are you? (not for a game or anything he was just saying this in general
Me-ummm.. I am red..
teddy- Just red?.... your boring

Me- teddy do you want apple juice?
Teddy- no I hate apple juice
me- ok do you want water?
Teddy- no I want apple juice

Johanna- Haley you are the best Aupair! when we get our new au pair I will tell her that she is the best au pair, but really you will be the best au pair.
Me- Ha!
Johanna- all of my teachers thin kthat they are the best teachers but I done even like any of them

Teddy- the sun is shining.... I hate it

Me- So how was your day?
Johanna- Good
Emma- Good
Teddy- Stupid

Teddy- when we are home you shouldnt leave, cause when you leave I will cry
Me- Ok
Teddy- is my Mamma home?
Me- I think so
Teddy- Ok when we are home you should leave.

Teddy was a Lion for Carnival...
Teddy- will you come down stairs with me?
Me- ya!
Teddy- no you should say yes, LION.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

├ťberlegungen und Fragen ├╝ber Blogging (thoughts and questions about blogging)

I cannot beleive how many people my age and younger are working on there second and 3rd kids...It truly amazing and I give you people all the kudo's I could offer cause there is NO WAY I could be a stay at home (or working) mother right now, which is really a plus for me that all my friends started early cause now when/if I ever have kids, I'll be able to take all your old clothes toys and advice :)...On that note... CONGRAT'S to two new Mothers, Sheena and Meka! I'm so happy for you guys!
-I LOVE when people have those blog tracker things where it says from which town someone is from that is looking at your blog...cause when I go on there is says berlin and there's a little German flag, and I can just see people thinking 'who the hell is in Germany?'...
-Brittany Marshalls blog is like the best one ever, she should be some sort of comic writer.
-ok FOR REAL there is NO need for a highschool reunion anymore right?.. I mean with blogging facebook myspace, youtube, and every other 'networking site' that's out there I think we all pretty much know what everyone else is up to...
I have blogs already written with captions and everything, I just can't find a computer to upload my pictures!... it truly upsets me.
-Does anyone else jump around on blogs?... I'll look at blogs of people I dont know... I just think it's really interesting,,, and I'v found really cool stuff from 'date' ideas, wedding ideas, children rearing methods, photographers, places to visit, recipes... ect... Does anyone else do that or am I just nosey?
-I need to find a user-friendly site to change my blog... everyone elses' is really cute I dont even know where to go to get those cute layouts....anyone?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Hi Everyone! Im in greece! :) I went to a BEAUTIFUL island today, rented a scooter and scootered around all day ... it was pretty much the coolest thing I've ever done and I'm totally buying a vespa as soon as I get home... I miss and love everyone! and happy V day!!! (especially YOU Buhb!)