Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Resolutions!

-Marry Corey
-Sing or play in a Band
-Go back to Europe to visit
-Write/Finish writing  a book
-Take a German language class
-Lose weight
-Start playing volleyball again
-Go to the Doctor
-Take my camera with me everywhere

it doesn't seem like a lot but a lot of people only do one thing, plus, it's all I can think of for now...
Here is to a happier, more productive, cleaner, BETTER year :)


ok maybe stalker is too strong a word, but my previous employer is completely insane and will not leave me alone. I gave her 3 weeks notice, she underpayed me, and then didnt let me say goodbye to her'd think she would have gotten over whatever issues she had by now, but first it was only ridiculous emails then I got a nasty text a few weeks before christmas then I got a "merry christmas" text and then a "2009 is almost over send this to everyone who made you smile" what a psycho! She has no reason to be mad at me or to even care what Im doing! I've never written back and I only replied to one email, where I asked her to leave me alon.  Everytime I get something from her it totally throws me off and I get sick to my stomach...I dont like to dissapoint anyone when I took that job I was sure that I would be staying in Las Vegas for at least a few years, I can't help it that nothing in my personal life went how I wanted it to go and I also didnt know how much I would HATE las vegas...I appologized a million times for letting them down and gave them plenty of time to find someone else and she seemed fine and all supportive until my last two days when she told me that they all had swine flue and that she'd leave my check under the doormat then the crazy emails and texts started. I really hate this woman I hated working for her and I hate that I still have to deal with her even after I've does anyone else deal with crazy people???

Monday, December 28, 2009

Ah... Christmas :)

June Lake was beautiful, if anyone ever has the chance to go definately take it... the slopes were great and not crowded at all and everyone there was so nice and treated everyone like family I am so glad we decided to go here cause it was great! I'm sad its over and Corey and I are apart again, but hopefully he'll be moving soon and all of this ridiculous apart-ness will be over...

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Online Shopping

I truly love online shopping, I can finally experience the joy of giving without haveing to deal with all the crazies in the stores... PLUS the weather here has been really terrible and I could not be happier that I have gotten pretty much all of my shopping done...I am going to face WALMART today but Im confidant that my christmas cheer will get me through any kind of decay in society that I may encounter....I hope this doesn't brand me as a screwg (I have not idea how to spell that) Cause I really am loving the christmas spirit, but lets face it, nothing can make you lose the christmas spirit faster than hour long checkout lines or out of stock toys....

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I hate the Law

    What the hell is up with me getting pulled over ALL THE TIME! I've lived in salt lake for about a month and a half now and have been pulled over twice!!!!! TWO $90 Tickets...JUST before Christmas...Some people go there whole lives without getting pulled over... there whole lives!!!! I truly hate the judicial system. And people who are attracted to cops have obviously not been harassed as badly as i am because when I see one or meet one I really wanna spew. Less than 6 months ago I had to pay over $2000 in tickets impound fees and DMV bs (things that expired while i was in Germany) just so I could drive! THEN had my moms truck towed because it broke down and wasnt in an appropriate parking place. I have had several experiences with police and not one of them good! I got in a car accident in Vegas in the middle of summer and the cop forced my sister and I all bruised and crying on the curb while he sat in his air conditioned cruiser drinking several bottles of water, another was when i got pulled over for all my stuff being out of date, the cop took my car in AUGUST IN ARIZONA and made my dog and I wait by the side of the road until my dad came from 2 hours away, it's one thing to 'do your job' and impound my car but it's another to leave a girl with a big ol suitcase and a cute dog on the side of the road in the middle of an arizona summer... Not once has the system helped me, NOT ONCE. I am not one for generalizing, so I'll say that I hate every cop i've met...aside from my good friend Gideon :)... So when the police call for a donation I'll just let them know that I have contributed ENOUGH...

the whoes of christmas...

I just dont want to spend christmas with my family... its not that I dont want to be with my family it's that I dont want to be where they are... My Dad is coming up to salt lake (where I live) and My mom is staying in Overton (where I grew up)...I only get so many days off in the year so please forgive me if i dont want to spend those days in the places I have spent most of my life in...I am NOT a homebody, I like seeing other places... I NEED to get away as often as possible... so PLEASE family, try and understand this :)

June Lake, CA....Here I come :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Corey and I  are not great at desicion making...He is a little worse at it than me so it forces me into making decisions but the process of reaching our decision is a long and annoying process.


                      JUNE LAKE, CA


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Corey found out this morning that his Grandpa on his Dad's side passed away last night. His grandpa on his Mom's side passed away a little over a month ago. Both were good old men who lived good lives, but non the less, losing anyone is hard. Both seemed to have had such a hard time as life got closer to a close. His Grandpa Beck seemed to be doing ok aside from a little dimentia, until his roomate at a nursing home (which he had just gone to a few weeks before) attacked him! It was the middle of the night and apparantly this man just got very violent and beat him to the point where he was unconscious and had bleeding on his brain. you wonder why these things happen. You live your life as well as you can, you'd think that by the end of it things should start getting easier, I guess that's a silly thought 'life being easy', at any age.  So many things are out of our control, bad things happen no matter who you are or what you do. The best we can hope for is good luck, and a small amount of stability.

Corey in front of his Granpa Becks house in Bear Lake