Thursday, July 17, 2008

Un-exploded WWII Bombs

How crazy is this??? This particular bomb was about 6 Kilometers from my language school... the roads were closed so I couldnt get to class.....READ ON!
this is a story from the Jeruselem Post

"Police say some 5,000 residents have been evacuated as experts work to defuse an unexploded World War II bomb found in Berlin.
The British bomb was found during construction work in the capital's western Wilmersdorf district.
Police said Wednesday that experts are conducting tests on the bomb's detonator to determine whether it can be transported elsewhere for disposal.
Around 400 of the evacuated residents were put up in schools and other public buildings while others stayed with friends.
Unexploded bombs from World War II are still found frequently in Germany more than 60 years after the conflict's end."

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Heart Jack Johnson

I Went to see Jack Johnson last night!!! it was absolutely wonderful :).. I think everyone knows how much I love him, so I'll just let you look at the pictures :)... ahhh! I love him!! :)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

My terrible horrible no-good very bad day...and a half

well it all started in Wednesday (mittwoch) I was on my way to pick up the girls from French class (which is a really long ways away, adn I had Teddy with me wich is always stressfull and full of 'nein!'s and 'Benimdig!'s) when one of the girls on the volleyball teamI had been practicing with texts me and said that I could'nt come anymore becasue i missed too many practices!? (I had to miss the last three to watch the kids)...Crazy!? esspecially when I told them i didnt want to be on the team I just wanted to practice with them!... anyway.. so that sucked. Then I finally get to the french class and haul teddy up the 8 flights of stairs only to find out that the girls will be sleeping at a friends house, so i didnt need to go at all....and that was Thursday I wake up SOOO tired... and take teddy to Nursery, I decided I was to tired to deal with my language teacher so I went back home to bed and woke up when I needed to get everyone from school... when I woke up it was really hot so I put on some capri' and a T-shirt with flip flops and left. As i was making the last turn to the girls school a bunch of scarey looking Turkish guys were yelling at me that my tired was flat...and it was...and then it started raining, really hard. The Turkish guys tried to come help me change it but I could'nt find anything to jack the car up with... so I called Amelie to see what I should do (still outside, still raining) I got the number for the ADAC which is like AAA, so they could come help, and let us not forget that I'm speaking my terrible broken german at all times. So the ADAC says they'll call me 5 minutes befor they get there so I can go somewhere inside to wait....SO I go get the girls from the school (who were supposed to have a doctors appoinment...missed that) and take them to a bakery across the street... we ordered the food and everything then I realizied I didnt have any cash only a bank card.. and for some reason NO ONE takes bank cards here!?! so we didnt get any food... then we walked outside just as the ADAC guy was pulling AWAYY from my Car! (long german story short, he came back) so the girls and I are there waiting for him to fix it... me soaking wet the girls withthe umbrella...and all the sudden the jack slipps off the car and it comes crashing down...I guess it was okay but he basically had to start all over and it was taking forever, so one of the mothers from johanna's class offered to take the girls to her house to get them out of the they went...the car was fixed about 20 minutes later.. I signed something I didnt understand, and got the girls from a REALLY difficult to find house....THEN we went to pick up teddy only to find that his bag had been sent home with some other kid... not a big deal but still annoying...We went to the house, and I told the kids they could watch a movie because i was to tired to play they watched a movie and made them some dinner, then they had to go to bed.. so i went to pull up the screen (they have this really big expinsive pull down projector screen) and it came crashing down.. yep i broke it....I put the kids to bed, and decided that I needed to go running to releive some stress, i took my keys and my phone with me, becasue amelie and mathias werent home yet and if the kids needed anything they could call me, when i got back from my run I realized I had lost the phone, it was too dark to go back track my steps, so I woke up at like 5 the next morning and did the whole run again trying to find it with no luck.... it was a terrible horrible no-good very bad day... and a half...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

the name of the town is Quidlinburg... i think... it's in Hortz, anyway...

see how this house is like bending? that's totally normal here :)

soo this is a castle :).. in on the hill that is in the next picture

this is the hill that the castle is on

I know this looks fake but it's not...the youngest home in this town is like 400 years old, the oldest is over 700

this is me in front of a church

this is the cutest street ever... and on the street is johanna, emma, Tadeus, and Mathias

this is the smallest all in the town... there's a hotel through here call "voram zu Hol" wich means frontyard to hell... beautiful huh?

this was like the town square

there were canals like this all through the town it was so pretty!

Monday, July 7, 2008

address correction

ok it is..
Wernicke/Haley Noble
strubenrauchstr. 33
14482 Potsdam


for inquiring minds

The internet is out at my place onece again and I can't up load any pictures, but this weekend we went to this REALLY old area called hortz...I'm not gonna talk about it though cause I too many cool pictures I want to show, so I'll wait til the internet get's fixed :) but the houses in this town are over 700 years old.. cool huh?....alright so here are a few things about germany that you might not know :)
the people here have no problem talking about sex and beer, but mention anything on the toilet and it's like shaking hands with hilter...for real, this guy in my language class started saying how his girlfriend has Dhiarea (I have no idea how to spell that), which is really gross in any country but my teacher went on this rant about how inappropriate it is...I didnt really mind because for once he wasnt yelling at me! :)

There is a radio station here called Jam FM and it's slogan is "black people music!" Hillarious! and at club n stuff when they advertise DJ's that play Hiphop or R&B they always say "DJ so-and-so with Black music!" I laugh a little everytime I hear it

The weathere here is completely can never plan your day for tommorow based on the weather from today...hell, you can`t plan your afternoon based of the weather from the morning! it`ll be hot and humid then cold and rainy...crazy

my address here is Wernicke/Haley Noble
Stubenrauchstr. 33
Potsdam, GERMANY...for Mom and Grandma and anyone else who wants to sed me goodies from the good ol US of A! :) I hope everyone had a good fourht of July! i really missed being around family and friends!!!! :(