Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Good Quote

I found this quote on another Blog, it's seemed like something that everyone should be reminded of. There is so much good in the world and in people, you may need to look pretty hard sometimes but it's there...and the more we remember that, the happier everyone will be.

"I would like to suggest that we stop seeking out the storms of life and enjoy the sunlight. I am suggesting that we 'accentuate the positive.' I am asking that we look a little deeper for the good, that we still our voices of insult and sarcasm, that we more generously compliment virtue and hard effort. There is good all around us - if we will only look for it." Gordon B Hinkley

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The funniest night...

This is the cutest book I have ever seen and I needed a picture of it...

I went to dinner at a book store last night...and it was completely crazy, so let me paint a verbal picture of this hillarious event :)

When Gem said her friend told her about this place with good dinner and it was only 5 euros I thought alright, then she said almost everyone who goes are native english speakers and I started thinking I should REALLY go (Gem is like my best friend here and she's leaving in Oct. so everything we do now has the underlying mission of finding her replacement) we get there and it's actually a really cool like second hand book store, everyone was hanging out talking and drinking wine and smoking (I CANNOT get away from the smoke here! I come home everynight REAKING! I TRULY HATE IT) it was all very european...anyway so we went downstairs where the dinner was supposed to be and there was an older English guy in MC hammer pants and an apron with hair to his shoulders bringing out all this WONDERFUL looking, homecooked food. So in we dig, to the dilecious food, and we ended up sitting next to 3 new yorkers and 2 girls from isreal, 2 of the new yorkers were an older couple who moved here about 5 months ago the girls from isreal were old friends, one lives here and one lives in New York, the other new yorker was just kind of traveling through europe...
In the middle of eating dinner the Older english guy that cooked the food came down, and he had slightly changed his outfit :)...he now had on a black gurdle with black and white flower-y pants and silver coated was almost cute in a way like when little kids play dress up, I was like awww what a cute little old his "big girl" clothes :) we finished dinner and half of the people went up stairs to watch 'batman begins' and the other half of us stayed down just talking, and playing the random board games that were around... Gem, me, an english guy, the two girls, and the new york guy played scrabble...
During the games and conversation, the older lady dresser came around with two big bowls of pastries and and a small box of, you know how much i LOVE brownies! so just as I was about to grab a few I hear someone saying, "where are the space cakes?"

all I could think was Damn! I really wanted some brownies!....

So that was my interesting night...three Native english speakers ended up losing at scrabble to the two girls from isreal by over 100 points...(I can see my mother's dissapointed face now) Also a funny little side note, the people who ate the most substance-filled brownies was the older couple from New York.. the lady grabbed three, looks at me and says "it's been a rough week"

Golly, I love Berlin :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

YAY! I got tagged :)

Rules: Name 5 random things about yourself, then tag 5 people. Make sure you comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged!
Plus - If you want, add a random picture.. kinda makes it more fun!

*My Random Picture

Random Photo: On a cruise to Mexico about 3 years ago :)... I just think my face in this is classic :)

1: I really WANT people to mess up... not just any person but like gymnasts in the olympics, or when a group is dancing I want someone to be "out of order"

2: I rarely brush my hair, let alone do anything with it... I get away with it cause my hair is long

3: I HATE 'bad' movies, I dont mean like "oh I thought that movies was bad" I mean where people do bad things in them to name a few; No country for old men, cape fear, american phsyco... I think they should have never been made and I really think the people that like them or that 'pretend' to like them because they're trendy, have deep phsycological issues (JUST MY OPINION)...all movies should have happy endings, you want to see bad things happening to people watch the news

4: I love fashion, I love putting weird outfits together and getting all dressed up, but I ussually chicken out and put on jeans and a t-shirt....

5: I have a really sensative stomach, I've thrown up at least once a week since I've been in germany...

I think all of the blogs I read have already been tagged but if not then i tag Krysta, Jessica, Meka, Amanda... and everyone else that wants too :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

it's boring, don't bother

Ok so lately I have had NOTHING to do ...The Girls are in an english camp all day and Teddy goes to kindergarden from about 8:30 til 3:00... I know I should really be exploring the city more, i mean it has SO much history, but i don't really like going on my's not really a problem I ussually dont care about going places by myself and... alright fine, I'm over it... i'll go explore the city....

but right now I'm still bored...
I've been thinking of all the stupid things that have happened to me since I've been here, all my problems with the language, and all the funny things too, so i wanted to make sure i got them all down.. this will be a boring post for everyone... so, you can stop reading now if you'd like :)

Stupid things I've done or that have happend to me:
-2 parking tickets 5 euro each
-1 ticket for not wearing a seatbelt 30 euro (they stopped me at like a road block and i had to pay the 30 right then, it was terrible)
-1 ticket for talking on a Cell phone 70 euro (they take random pictures of drivers, just to see if they're on they're phones...)
-Flat Tire, radio antenna fell off, as did the rear view mirror
-lost a cell phone
-made a big screen fall off a wall
-I used my Debit card (the german one) at a grocery store, and it didnt work so panicked thinking someone stoll my money or my family didnt pay me...drove to three different banks...figured out there was nothing wrong with my card or account the stores machine just wasnt working (doesnt sound that bad but it was really stressfull)

Annoying german words and rules:
meine Fruend(in): My friend and Boyfriend(girlfriend)
kuche kuchen kochen gucken: kitchen, cake, cook, watch
When you learn 1 word, you have to know how to conjugere it into the tense that your speaking in so you really have to learn about 8 words for every word... if ya know what I mean ex.. Schlaufen (sleep) I sleep, you sleep, they sleep, we sleep, they slept (ish schlaufe, du schlaufts, sie schlauft, wir schlaufen, sie geschlaufft)
Gibt: give and also is there...
Mit is with, but you can't say without wich would be mit Kein... you have to say ohne...
they repeat words and everything is backwards to me... I ate a cookie is Ish hat eine cookie gegessen which when you translate is it I had a cookie ate/eaten...
Entshuligung: Sorry/excuse me it's like THE longest word ever
There are a billion other annoying things... this is just what I had to deal with today

Okay done complaining :)... I'm really doing ok here, I enjoy and appreciate everything but it's friggin hard sometimes!

Monday, August 18, 2008

some silly randomness

I think it worth mentioning how terrible the German Music is...thank heavens they play mostly Emglish speaking bands on the radio but every once in a while a German rap song will sneak in there, YEP German rap...who even knew they had rhyming words here?....I'm pretty good at understanding the language now but the rap songs are still just jibberish there's one song that's call ish und meine maske which means me and my mask....he wears a silver plated skull mask in the video and it has all these "hot" ladies, but all in mask''s really terrible...and funny :)

Teddy did the cutest thing the other day...He drives me nuts a lot and when I get overwhelmed with him I always say "OH MY GOODNESS!" so he hears it a lot.... I took him to the park yesterday and we were walking over a rope bridge the kind that you really have to be careful cause your feet slip through pretty easily and everytime teddy's foot slipped he said "ohmygeeedness!"... It was the cutest thing EVER :)
A little while ago Gem and I and some other friends rented a little boat at a lake by Gem's house it was wonderful! i wore my American flag bikini...represent
This is Brandenburg Tor...or Brandenburg Gate... The American Embasy is just to the left of the gate in this picture
This was a random Karaoke place in the basement of a bar... no one else was there so we all just sang our little hearts out all night.... the guy standing up in the back was HILLARIOUS! he has a REALLY thick german accent and he only sang meatloaf songs... it's impossible to tell you how funny it was

Monday, August 11, 2008

Thuringa (I'm sure that's not how it's spelled)

Okay! so this is that last of the pictures from my little trip :) the last place we stayed was an old castle in Southern Germany (Thuringa)..Funny thing happend...the doors here run off of keys...what I mean is you can't open the door without one... the doorknobs dont turn unless your on the inside, and even then you have to have a key to open it if the door is locked... soooo one of the days we were at this castle I wasn't feeling well so i stayed in the room while the fam went exploring... while I was in the shower the maid came and cleaned and locked the door on her way out so i was locked in the whole day! so now i can officially say was locked in the tower of a castle.. . funny huh?:)
The last day we were there it wasa teddy's birthday, and the video is him playing in the little courtyard with his new toys he's sing the theme to Bob the Builder although here it's called Bob the Baumeister it was just too cute not to share

this is the oldest part of the castle the stone part of it is over 1000 years old
this is the toilet! there's a hole in there and "everything" just drops on down! ha!

this was the little courtyard where we ate all our meals

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Kitzbuhl, Austria

This was the AMAZING hotel we stayed at
View from my room
going up a mountain :)
This is how Tedy was.... the whole time... hahaha! this picture really cracks me up
We went to a little "mountain adventure" amusement park thing... it was really cute

This was a photo frame... just sitting on the mountain :)
Theyhad all these little frogs explaining where you were suppose to go (we were supposed to try and be finding the 'captured' frog) and this was the one that spoke english... he was my only friend
Everything there was carved out of wood and really impresive... this thing kind of scared me but was too cool not to take a picture of :)

Going up the mountain by our hotel

The rest of the pictures are from a hike we did up the tallest peak in Kitzbuhl

No this was NOT taken from a plane...
Good thing this sign was here cause I was really going to do that...friggin austria, taking all the fun out of falling off mountains
The Girls and I at the restaraunt at the top... we were all VERY tired and hot

you can see where the car was parked it's the very far away house looking thing in the middle

this is by far my favorite picture :)

Friday, August 8, 2008

A Wedding in Italy

Hi! here are the pictures from my trip to Italy....I was in Northern Italy (the Italian Alps), at first I was kind of sad that we werent going more south but I think I'd rather wait until i get married cause it's just to romantic of a place to go by yourself ;)
these guys were so cute they played and sang old American songs but in german... really

johanna toke this I just thought it looked cool

some cute little town in Italy...there were vineyards everywhere sooo beautiful
it took all my will power not to burst into "the hills are alive.... with the sound of musiiiiic" this was outside the church where the ceremony was

This wedding consisted of a welcome dinner, a ceremony, a reception(above), a Dinner, and a brunch....apparently they've got some money :).... the whole thing was really cute

this was the view from our Hotel Room

Monday, August 4, 2008

who is this world traveler!?

Hi everyone!... sorry havn't posted in a while, but i've been in Italy and now I'm in Austria! it is sooo beautiful and once I get home you will all LOVE the pictures...I can't beleive how lucky I am to have this opportunity, we went on a hike today (in the alps, ya that's right we're staying in the alps) and I really had to stop for a second and think about how I got here, I'm just so greatful for whatever steps I had to take in my life to get me here, because I really love it :) ok... keep an eye out for
pictures I should be back by monday... I miss and love you all!!!!!