Thursday, April 15, 2010

Just Thoughts and happenings...

I've been sick for a while.., It seems like everytime i get over something a NEW something starts up...Terrible cough into worst back pain  EVER into food poisoning into terrible allergies and into  lots of other gross and sickening things..perhaps my body is just breaking down?

Kids are so  funny! The boys I watch are too freaking cute and such little...jerks?...that not the right word but you know what I mean...Sebastian is way to smart for his little britches he's constantly trying to compromise and insulting me in ways that I sometimes don't understand...his lastest comment "Haley, if you dont go get me some juice, I'm going to start putting you down"...on the cute side I was folding laundry while they were playing behind me and I was singing...I get done and turn around to see him sitting crossed legged looking up at me. Then he gets up and gives me a big hug and says "Thankyou for my beautiful song!"...the kid kills me.

Alexandre, the younger one has finally started saying random little words and I love it... he is SO cute! He does this new thing where whenever I'm sitting he somehow finds a way to climb on top of me and stand on my chest...I go home with bruises. on the NOT  so cute side, the kid HATES taking naps!! I in turn hate him (only for a little bit)

I am anxiously awaiting Corey's arrival...He'll be here by the end of the month and I could not be happier. I know he's nervous about making a move (which is really hard for me to relate to) but i know everything will be so much better and easier for him....Hip hip HOORAY!

Last Week Corey and I took a nice little road trip to Phoenix, Holtville, San Diego, and Laguna Nigel. It was great... but it was A LOT of driving, we've both had back issues since then and our butts are so sore! We took pictures but I have'nt uploaded them yet.

I LOVE my Mom...She is so cute, she makes every holiday special and it make me want to do things for other people...also my cousins Megan and Court, they are just great Court is frickin hillarious and Meg is just about the cutest Mom there ever was...I'm so glad that they let me ambush their house most weekends.

I love's like the one thing I can always look forward to. No matter if im sick or tired or injured I dont think I'll ever turn down a chance to play...

What's with bathrooms that dont have windows?'s not right...dont you know how easily mold spores can build up? two or three bathtubs full and your breathing some nasty shiz!

I have some great ideas, I have good ambitions,and high hopes...if only I could get my butt in gear and do something great...Im not even sure what is happening to make it so hard to start, I think it's cause I dont have any good excuses for not doing them, I dont have kids or some crazy career, and yet I dont take advantage of this, what I need is a big SWOOping kick in the ass...but FER-REAL I have got to start doing some worth-while things or things are going to get ridiculous...

I think I die inside (just a little) when I hear of someone younger than my younger sisters getting married and having kids...for some reason it always make me rethink choices I've made...then I check myself and look at all my pictures from Europe, and start planning ways to go back, they dont make me feel bad about being 24, unmarried and childless...oh, I miss very very much.

I think more than anything I need to be reminded at how short life is...I need to make sure that Im doing things I want to do...then if they dont work out I have no one to blame but myself and if they do work out, I can rest easy and feel proud that I was smart enough to know the right decision to make...
If I make a goal, or I have soemthing that I KNOW is important to me i NEED to do it and stop waiting around for something easier or whatever the hell it is Im waiting for, to come along...Come on Haley, your disappointing me and my hopes for you, get your act together and get good already!!!....fer-real