Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I just watched   THIS really sad video so I'm a bit depressed....but i'll keep on truckin and tell you all (meaning myself...i have no assumptions that anyone else cares to read this crap) that the girls went back to live with satan herself in satans lair (vegas) on sunday. So that was sad but we did have a fun day at lagoon before they made the trip
i know my face looks weird it's a combination of the pnuemonia that was setting in and the VERY bright sun which seemed to only bless myself with it's rays.

that's all for my update this week :) the following in really just for me...I need a place to put my TO DO lists... as well as random thoughts...and this seems as good as any.

Get Car registered in UT
get the emmisions test thing
find title of my car
Call insurance
Get UT drivers license
Send in transcript requests
get ticket fixed
look for houses

Monday, August 16, 2010

Just Cant say it enough


He is truly amazing, I love his music and everything he stands up for an believes in is so great....Did you know that 100% of the proceeds from his tour go to non profit orginizations that are dedicated to greener living? and before every conert he plays an accoustic set in front of the non profit booths at the venue he is playing at just to make sure people know they are there and get involved. Can anyone think of one other rockstar that would do that!?...I certainly can't.
So anyway Corey and I went to his concert here on the 13th and it was of course wonderful I was FRONT AND CENTER for his acoustic set and I truly feel like I can die happy now :)

This is my third time seeing him but my first with corey....The first time i ever saw him i went with Brooke and we had both agreed until recently that it was definitly the best day of our lives thus far, we bought Lawn seets and some very nice man was walking around looking for REAL fans and he gave us pit passes where we were just a row or two away from him...Then I saw him in berlin and he made me so happy and comfortable at a time when I was really struggling with the language and meeting friends...then this time I was able to actually touch him! :) it was amazing....

Ok moving on to the weekend :)....on saturday corey and the girls and I woke up early (as early as we could so about 9) and drove up to Lava hot springs for the day. It was SO much fun! if anyone in the area is able to go or is even thinking of going DEFINITLY go. I think Corey and I had even more fun than the girls did.
They also have on indoor pool with a little rock wall and more diving boards...it was seriousl SO fun

And here's a picture of corey and his girls for Amanda :)...This was from our disneyland trip

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just little Shout Out

I just wanted to make sure everyone knew about PSYCH.....it's is one of maybe two or three shows that actually makes me laugh OUT LOUD... :) just watch it cause you might LOVE it

Monday, August 9, 2010

Just another manic monday....

This was a fun week...It was slow to start but great to finish :) on Thursday we went to  see these guys

Yes, I was RUSH-I-FIED.....:) They were really amazing, truly AMAZING musicians. And from what Corey tells me the Drummer (THE UNDISPUTED BEST DRUMMER IN THE WORLD) has had a totally tragic life thus far and has somehow come out of it an amazing person...and I'm not talking about drugs or anything like that, he's had actual tragedies that were not brought on by himself, if you get a chance google Niel Peart and you'll see what I mean.

On saturday we went up to Park city to take a look at the Art festival, there were all kinds of beautiful and amazing artwork, that were thousands of dollars out of our price range. :) So we went to a really cute Italian restraunt and SPLUUUURGED ....it was delicious, we colored on the table and ate Caprese and loved each other :)

This week ought to be pretty good too, Tab and Jess are here for Trents birthday tomorrow, We're having  nice little BBQ at a park...And Corey is in Vegas now getting the girls so they can spend August with us. Friday is JACK JOHNSON!!! :) I love him and I know he'd love me if he knew me :) Then on the 31st we're all going to  Owl City and John Mayer which will be fun but lets face it... They're no Jack Johnson :) YAY for a concertfulAugust :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

My Boys...



These handsome fellows are the new men in my life, I've been there nanny since October (which is crazy to me because that means I will have lived here for a year in less than two months!? THIS YEAR HAS GONE INSANELY FAST!)....They are so very cute and remind me of the cuties in Germany that i miss so very much :)....Being a nanny has plenty of advantages as well as disadvantages but over all I do really enjoy it. The only things that ever make me consider just completely quiting all together are the parents, I always love the kids I nanny :)  A little while ago Corey was nice enough to accompany us on a little hike to the Timpanogus Cave (no idea how to spell Timpanogas). So the rest of the pictures are from that, they both really did well considering it was a mile and a half STRAIGHT UP, Alexandre was on Corey's back and I'm not sure if you can tell how much of a chunk he is but Corey definitely had the hardest trip of all of us, poor guy...but oh I love him so! :)  I have learned so much about myself, kids, marriage, and life in general since I decided to be a nanny it's an amazing way to look into other people's lies and figure out what works and doesn't work with out having to figure it out on your own life :)...I know now that while I LOVE kids i will be waiting a GREAT WHILE until I have my own. With Corey's two girls and the kids I watch I don't have the 'hunger' as some people put it and I get to see first hand just how much work it REALLY is.  I also get to see how different couples interact with each other and what makes them successful or maybe not so successful...it's almost like therapy :)  Any way I just thought I'd share with you, my Cute guys :)