Monday, January 26, 2009

Mein Computer ist Wieder Kaput!....ya My computer is completely broken...I hate how technology makes you completely dependant on it, then just quits out of nowhere... so anyway I'm still alive.
I Going to Greece next Month! I'm REALLY excited...then Portugal, then Ireland, and I'm gunan try and get a trip to Milan in too, it's only about an hour and a half flight so I think I can go for a weekend or somthing.... It's really amazing being here, in europe you can jump on a plane and be in a completely different culture, government, language... you name it, in a matter of minutes, I love it.
I'm coming back home on May 29th, that's when my Visa is up so legally I have to leave, not that I'm not going to be happy to be back, but it will be a little bitter sweet I think.
I start another Laguage class next week, it's everyday like it was befor so I'm not really looking forward to the intensity but it's good cause I know that I'll be fluent by the time I get back.
It's still pretty cold here... the ice is starting to melt but it's supposed to get real cold again... :(.. I was talking to my friend from Arizona the other day and she said it was about 75 there, and I was like really? well I walked on a lake today!...I am definately NOT a cold weather person...
I found an American Library wich is now how I will be spending ALL my spare time :)

I think that's all the updates for now...I really wish I had some pictures!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


One of the coolest things I've seen in Berlin is Olypmia-Stadion....this was the site of the 1936 olympics which happened while Berlin was under Nazi control...I dont really know why I liked it so much but the whole thing really just made a big impression on me

This bell was in the tower above where hitler gave the opening cerimonies speech
I know this looks like a prison but it was actually an entrance to the pool

this was where hitler gave his speech (also the first peice of video to be broadcasted into space) ALSO there were a lot of first time things used in these olypics, the 'running camera' the camera placed on a rail to "run" next to the athletes on the track or in the pool....there are a few more I just can't think of them...

the stadium

Typical Nzi architechture, over bearing and dominant, there are still quite a few buildings around berlin that were built during this time and you can always spot them

They use the stadium mostly for soccer games now

the front entrance

it was cold and windy

this is my "why the heck does this thing look like a prison?" face

me trapped in the 'prison'

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


It seemed like I was calling my family boring in that last post, that is very FAR from the truth...My family is very exciting and accomplished

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

This video is too cute

It's official, I am in love with Teddy...I'm completely attached and I cry when I think about leaving him :( He's so cute, and he loves me too he says it all the time and when I pick him up from Kindergarten he runs to me and says "HALEYYYYY!!!! Ich habe dich sooooo vermist!" (I missed you sooooo much!) I can't beleive how fast this year is going...I've learned a lot about myself as well as other people. I've had amazing oportunities that I will be forever greatful for and met wonderful people that will be lifelong friends. I am mad at my family for not taking advantage of me being here, and come to visit (you all are ridiculous and whatever excuses you all have hold no water with me). I am afraid sometimes that when I go back I'll becom like you and come up with meaningless excuses not to do things that I want to, too. That is the scariest part of going back....I dont want to get stuck in a boring life.... anyway, in addition to this Venting post I'm going to add the "101 things about me tag" I started it sometime in september and just finished it... It was a good tag.. and I think everyone should do it just to see what you find out about yourself...

1. I took a 'what year do you belong in' quiz... this is what is said....You Belong in 1987
Wild, over the top, and just a little bit cheesy. You're colorful at night - and successful during the day.
2. I love to dance
3.I'm writing a book
4. I love every song that I've ever heard by Kanye west, I can't bring myself to buy a CD cause I think he's such an idiot.... but i love him!'s weird
5. I get goosebumbs every time I see something cool, like someone singing well, people dancing together, stuff like that...
6. I REALLY want to sing in a band...
7I love live music...even if they're bad I can appreciate people who try.
8. I used to be really 'baby hungry" and now I dont even know if I want kids at all, and I heard the longer you wait the less you want them...oops
9.I love everything about it...they basically create happiness...I wanna get in on that
10. I haven't played volleyball in almost 2 months, wich is the longest I've ever gone without having an injury being the reason...
11.I love food, I hate diets, which is why I never do, when I want to loose weight I just work out more...I know I'm not disciplined enough to change my eating habbits
12.I love sleeping, I dont think a lot of people think of it as an actvity but i definately do
13.When I get back to the states my list of places to go is S. America (brazil, argentina), Australia New Zealand, southern Italy....and then I'm done
14. My list of places to go while I'm still here in Germany is Ireland, Greece, scottland, and Spain
15. I love any acoustic music.
16. I cant do one thing at a time, if I'm cleaning I'll have a movie on, if i'm reading I'll have music on, if i'm cooking dinner I'll check my email...
17. love my hair
18. I constantly get all dressed up and ready to go out, then change my mind and stay in I'll ussually tell my friends I'm sick or going somewhere else...
19. I would really like to live somewhere where no one knows me
20. Now that I'm not doing any sports I'm going to get REALLY skinny, I was never able to before because I always lose a lot of energy when I lose weight.
21.I love chinese food
22, I love mexican food
23. I love italian food
24. I love to cook
25. I Hate running, but I love toneing excersizes
26. I have a high threshold for physical pain, but I'll think about it for days if someone says they dont like me
27. I cry everytime watch 'the Notebook'
28. I've never walked out of a movie in the theaters
29. I take a nap almost everyday
30. I hate songs that have sounds in them that make me think my phone is ringing
31. I went to 3 different colleges and played on two volleyball teams and 1 softball team
32. I can jump high
33. I want to surf for a living
34. I want to retire to south america
35. I LOVE my dog
36. I want another Sharpei and a st. Bernard, but only if I live somewhere colder, cause they have to much hair to live in the heat...
37. My favorite color is Kelly Green
38. I have an aunt and uncle who are probably the best parents I've ever seen, I want them to write a book just so I can read it.
39. I have a terrible memory, most of the things I remember from my childhood are only because we have them on tape.
40. my front 6 teeth are Veneers
41. I brush my teeth after nearly every meal
42. My competetive nature gets mistaken for cockyness a lot
43. I am VERY competative
44. I have to have a movie or music on to go to sleep to, if I'm alone
45. My favorite number is 4
46. I want to name my kids (if I have any) Hayden, Tresten, Dartagnon (like the musketeer) Harrison, Raylee and Camiley...
47. I only want boys
48. I'm not judgemental ... at all
49. When someone is being talked about about even if it's a famous person, I almost always stick up for them, it's like I feel bad that they can't stand up for themselves...corey really hates this cause he thinks I'm never on his side.
50. I HATE being strong, it just makes people think they can ask you to lift heavy things
51. I need a lot of attention
52. My grandma Nanette is my role model.
53. I fantasize a lot.. about lots of things...
54. I talk to myself, and also reherse how I'm going to say something, or repeat something I have said so I can hear it again to see if it had the impact I wanted.
55. I love having dinner with makes me feel like a grown up
56. I almost always offer to pay, even if I know I dont have the money, I dont know why, it just seems polite
57. I copied two of my biggest habbits from friends... how weird is that?
58. I LOVE my engagement ring... I would have chosen it from all the rings in the world
59. I have little hands
60. I really like to play the Piano but I don't like to tell my family about it cause Tabetha is than me, and I dont like not being the best (remember the competetive thing?)

61. If I am around a really positive person I become very negativ and annoyed, and vice versa

62. I think I might be really bad at volleyball now, that's kind of scary

63. Seeing happy dogs with good owners makes me very happy

64. I am extremely sarcastic and I love it when people take me seriously...

65.I think that if you come from a big family it prepares you a little better for real life.

66.When I get back I want to visit my grandma for like a month

67. Sometimes I really think I am going to die... like I'll be in bed and have a weird breathing pattern or something weird will hurt, and I'll just think 'i'm not waking up'

68. I've never tried an illegal drug

69. I know I said Ilove my hair but I think about cutting it daily...

70.I really hate the cold

71. I hate driving in the snow!

72. I really dont have the proper shoes for winter, my feet are always cold

73. For my next 'present giving' holiday at home I am going to ask for a sewing machine

74. Im almost always tired, and if I wake up tired then I look that way the rest of the day...

75.I can look presentable within 5 minutes of waking up, I do it almost everyday.. but...

76.I really want to start taking better care of myself, wearing better clothes, brushing my hair more than once a week,... things like that :)

77. I like cute pajamas

78. I want to get married at Bear lake... I think

79. I like doing crafty things

80.I like organized things... and I like to organize things... I realize that dosnt make sense because am a slob but I really do actually like it

81. I made calendars to hang up in my little apartment, and I loved doing it.

82. Amelie and Mathias seemed genuinely surprised that I got them christmas presents... is it weird that I did?... I got the kids one too...

83. I love the show Arrested Development... and now thanks to Gemma's boyfriend I'm addicted to Greys anatomy again.

84. I really think about dissapearing sometimes... just leaving everything familiar and starting a new life... not that my life isnt good I just wonder what it would be like.

85. the 'W' key on my keyboard is broken.... I hve to press it about 100 times to get it to work.

86. I really like movies.

87. I hope lots of my european friends come to visit me in once I move back

88. There's this Irish guy here that I TRULY hate...he just really bugs me

89. I really miss watching Conan O'brien

90. I can spot people with low self esteem almost immediatly

91. I like painting my nails... I dont think a lot of people do that anymore

92. I love getting packages from my family :) they make me happy

93. I kind of want to go to the hospital while I'm here, like break a bone or something, just for the experience

94. It makes me very happy and proud when I hear the kids speaking English with each other it's so cute.

95. I think I might want to be a psychiatrist.

96. I am really surprised at some of the steriotypes Americans get over here...but there is a big difference from Americans and Americans who live in Europe...I think I might be in for a bi of a culture shock when I come back... plus it will be really weird not to hear accents all the time

97. I have too many interests, I wish I could be happy staying in one place and doing the same thing my whole life, things would be so much easier

98. I really enjoy reading, I started reading sluty/succesful girly books when I lived in Salt lake and I've moved onto historical fiction... not that I dont enjoy the former still :)

99. I've never lost anyone close to me, and am scared to death of it.

100. I have realized that 'plans' never work out....ever

101. I amFinished! if you actually read all of these I think you love me ;)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I'm back! :) I went to Scotland for Christmas (Edinburgh) It was beautiful and I can't wait to back when it's warm so I can tour the highlands... The whole trip was great, I met really nice people and the the city was beautiful...Very picturesce and mid-evil...I'm really glad I was Able to go....I'm not sure what my next trip will be but my time is running short here (my visa is up on may 29th) so here is the list of places I want to go so everyone can hold me to it
Rome (maybe, I think I want to wait until Corey can go with me)
Turkey (the riviera)

Me on top of a small mountain I climbed, I know it looks weird cause I had to et the timer on the camera... no one was around to take the picture :)

the small mountain thing that I climbed

A little more than half way up...

The Castle

on top of the hill that the Castle is on

You were supposed to spit to this heart for good luck:)

Part of the Edinburgh Skyline

View from my room