Saturday, May 24, 2008

YIKES! Help please

WELP.. 4 days and Counting...I'm rushing to do so many things that I'm REALLY kicking myself in the a$$ for not doing a month ago. I Ordered a power cord for my lap top that I paid an extra 20 bucks to have it delivered quicker only to find out I most likely will not be getting it in time....(DooFUs!) and I am having the hardest time finding a European outlet adaptor! I suppose I dont really need it TOO badly (really just for my Laptop) the only other appliances I'm taking are like a blow dryer and a curling iron which are two things that we all know I RARELY use...SO not the end of the world... ALSO and i could really use some help on this one... I want to get the kids something just a little present or whatever... I found little bracelets for the girls and I was thinking about bringing little Horse/cowgirl figurines/toys. But for the little boy.. I'm drawing a blank... he's only 2.. any ideas? I was thinking like a truck? or... I have no Idea...

Friday, May 16, 2008

Off to Germany!

YAY! I'm a blogger!...

Alright I set this thing up to keep all my friends and family updated on my many adventures :) Current adventure?; Germany....I've decided to become an au pair for a very nice family located just outside of Berlin, Germany. The picture to the right is of the kids.... Cute, huh? :) hopefully this will suppress my appetite for kids for at least a little while!... So the countdown is totally on... I leave on the 28th of may and after stops in three countries I will arrive in Berlin on the 29th. I have two new suitcases (I got them for very cheap.. I LOVE Ross) about a billion new sweaters, and some killer heals to get me through what will hopefully a life changing experience....I was talking to my friend Brooke (who I love.. there ya go bro-ly!) and she was asking me if I think I'll get home sick, and I can honestly say I'll be just fine... Of course I'll miss everyone but it will be good for everyone to get a break from me for a while, absence makes the heart grow fonder remember! :) I am SOOO ready to get away, and do something new. I caught myself thinking the other day, about what I'm going to do when I come back, but I immediately put a stop to that...cause it just stressed me out :) So here it goes! I'm SO excited and I hope that everyone will enjoy reading about what's going on!