Monday, July 7, 2008

for inquiring minds

The internet is out at my place onece again and I can't up load any pictures, but this weekend we went to this REALLY old area called hortz...I'm not gonna talk about it though cause I too many cool pictures I want to show, so I'll wait til the internet get's fixed :) but the houses in this town are over 700 years old.. cool huh?....alright so here are a few things about germany that you might not know :)
the people here have no problem talking about sex and beer, but mention anything on the toilet and it's like shaking hands with hilter...for real, this guy in my language class started saying how his girlfriend has Dhiarea (I have no idea how to spell that), which is really gross in any country but my teacher went on this rant about how inappropriate it is...I didnt really mind because for once he wasnt yelling at me! :)

There is a radio station here called Jam FM and it's slogan is "black people music!" Hillarious! and at club n stuff when they advertise DJ's that play Hiphop or R&B they always say "DJ so-and-so with Black music!" I laugh a little everytime I hear it

The weathere here is completely can never plan your day for tommorow based on the weather from today...hell, you can`t plan your afternoon based of the weather from the morning! it`ll be hot and humid then cold and rainy...crazy

my address here is Wernicke/Haley Noble
Stubenrauchstr. 33
Potsdam, GERMANY...for Mom and Grandma and anyone else who wants to sed me goodies from the good ol US of A! :) I hope everyone had a good fourht of July! i really missed being around family and friends!!!! :(

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