Wednesday, July 9, 2008

the name of the town is Quidlinburg... i think... it's in Hortz, anyway...

see how this house is like bending? that's totally normal here :)

soo this is a castle :).. in on the hill that is in the next picture

this is the hill that the castle is on

I know this looks fake but it's not...the youngest home in this town is like 400 years old, the oldest is over 700

this is me in front of a church

this is the cutest street ever... and on the street is johanna, emma, Tadeus, and Mathias

this is the smallest all in the town... there's a hotel through here call "voram zu Hol" wich means frontyard to hell... beautiful huh?

this was like the town square

there were canals like this all through the town it was so pretty!


The Thomson Family said...

That is so neat, its kinda hard to believe you are really there. I love all the pictures. Its so fun to hear from you!

Brooke said...

It looks like your having fun! Germany looks amazing! Im jealous:) And those kids are so cute! Have Fun!

Duane and Meka said...

That's a good picture with the kids on the street. I like the castle too. Charlie is a West Highland White Terrier or a Westie. They are originally from Scotland and are a little more popular over in Europe I think, so i'm not surprised you saw one. They are suppose to have this really dorky looking haircut that looks like a skirt, or maybe a kilt but I refuse to have Charlie cut that way, he already has enough self esteem problems.