Thursday, July 17, 2008

Un-exploded WWII Bombs

How crazy is this??? This particular bomb was about 6 Kilometers from my language school... the roads were closed so I couldnt get to class.....READ ON!
this is a story from the Jeruselem Post

"Police say some 5,000 residents have been evacuated as experts work to defuse an unexploded World War II bomb found in Berlin.
The British bomb was found during construction work in the capital's western Wilmersdorf district.
Police said Wednesday that experts are conducting tests on the bomb's detonator to determine whether it can be transported elsewhere for disposal.
Around 400 of the evacuated residents were put up in schools and other public buildings while others stayed with friends.
Unexploded bombs from World War II are still found frequently in Germany more than 60 years after the conflict's end."


The Monk(eys) said...

Ah! Crazy! Well i think it's actually kinda cool! Thank goodness you don't find these in the great old U.S. of A

Anonymous said...

Interestingly enough, my nickname in high school was the un-exploded WWII Bomb. That's crazy. We should share ideas.

Jessica said...

Hey!! Put up a new post!! I love your stories!! I miss you and hope you are having a good time and making lots of memories!

The Monk(eys) said...

Does anyone know if Haley was injured with one of these bombs?-haha