Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Überlegungen und Fragen über Blogging (thoughts and questions about blogging)

I cannot beleive how many people my age and younger are working on there second and 3rd kids...It truly amazing and I give you people all the kudo's I could offer cause there is NO WAY I could be a stay at home (or working) mother right now, which is really a plus for me that all my friends started early cause now when/if I ever have kids, I'll be able to take all your old clothes toys and advice :)...On that note... CONGRAT'S to two new Mothers, Sheena and Meka! I'm so happy for you guys!
-I LOVE when people have those blog tracker things where it says from which town someone is from that is looking at your blog...cause when I go on there is says berlin and there's a little German flag, and I can just see people thinking 'who the hell is in Germany?'...
-Brittany Marshalls blog is like the best one ever, she should be some sort of comic writer.
-ok FOR REAL there is NO need for a highschool reunion anymore right?.. I mean with blogging facebook myspace, youtube, and every other 'networking site' that's out there I think we all pretty much know what everyone else is up to...
I have blogs already written with captions and everything, I just can't find a computer to upload my pictures!... it truly upsets me.
-Does anyone else jump around on blogs?... I'll look at blogs of people I dont know... I just think it's really interesting,,, and I'v found really cool stuff from 'date' ideas, wedding ideas, children rearing methods, photographers, places to visit, recipes... ect... Does anyone else do that or am I just nosey?
-I need to find a user-friendly site to change my blog... everyone elses' is really cute I dont even know where to go to get those cute layouts....anyone?


Nate and Felicia Thomson said...

I love you haley! I jump around on blogs too, but usually only people I know:)
Go to the top right corner of my blog, and there is a little thingy that says cutest blog on the block. Click on it and then go to free backgorunds (or something like that) then you can choose a background you like, click on the one you like and it should tell you how to put it on your blog. (hopefully you understand those directions, its been a while since I changed my background)

Ashley Comeau said...

Yep I blog stalk. It is kind of an illness of mine I think. And Brit's blog is fricken hilarious. I love to read it. And you need to find a computer to upload your pictures because Benjy and I both LOVE seeing your beautiful pictures of amazing places we'll never get to go :)

Brittany said...

Oh Haley I'm completely flattered. Look at me, I'm blushing. Oh and I totally lurk on other peoples blogs. They have no idea who I am, but I always have to stop in to see what's new, not unlike celebrities where we pretend we don't care what they eat for breakfast BUT WE REALLY DO. Oh and I agree about the high school reunion thing and we probably know more about one another then we would if we got together for a high school reunion. I mean it's not like that girl is gonna talk about that time her toddler tore his diaper off and smeared green poop all over his crib and wall . . . . well, maybe. Mostly you get those juicy details off blogs.