Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mom's Visit

So because Im retarted this blog is kind of backwards... Salzburg was the last place we visited but the pictures are first :) oh well, cronological order is over-rated anyway

Salzburg, Austria

I think I wasnt supposed to be in there Best Friends :)

there were about 20 statues like this and we have pictures with all of them

the place we stayed was right next to a flamingo farm for some reason
Innsbruck, Austria

this was actually reall scarey to take cause it was STRAIGHT down over that ledge

The best way to "climb" the alps

Neuschwanstein Castle

easily my favorite picture of the trip

this was the castle where the guy who built
the BIG castle grew up


Anonymous said...

Man! I wish I could have gone!!
Love ya!
See you soon:)
Tabetha jane

Nate and Felicia Thomson said...

That is awesome your mom got to visit you! Looks like a blast!

J and Heather said...

Love the pics!!!!!!! You lucky duck you!!!!!