Monday, June 2, 2008

Americans can't speak German!

Well I made it through my first "working day" :)... I took the girls to school and Tadeus to preschool, and then found my way to my language class...I really am quite impressed with myself :)... these are not the easiest streets to get around, nor are they very well marked. I'll be alone with Emma and Tadeaus this evening so hopefully that will go well :)... The language class is hillarious... The teacher only speaks German so in order to tell us what things mean he really has to be animated, he literally broke a sweat. I feel so stupid not know what he's talking about... i mean he was talking directly to me and I had no Idea.. it's really just jibberish at this point... he was trying to explain how to pronounce a word to a student and he was saying all kinds of fast german words when i suddenly understood that he was saying "it sounds like when a cow goes moooooo" and I shouted "Cow!.. Ya! I know that!" it was like a reaction, i was just so excited that I understood something I had to let everyone know... it was really embarrasing... then he made me repeat some stuff and after i was done he said "not bad for an American" so i hope I wont have to be hearing American jokes the whole time :)....


Tabetha*jane said...

haha:)that's funny! I'm glad that you could understand something. That's great! I hope you had a good evening with the kids, be sure to let us know how it goes. Hey do you have to drive on the wrong side of the road over there? I can't remember if you said so or not. If so, I'm very impressed:)! I wish could speak a foreign language, preferably spanish. I take the kids to the park everyday, and the majority of people there speak it. Kids come over all time to play with Ryan's toys and I can't understand a word they're saying! It drives me crazy!! Any way, keep doing well and please BE HAPPY:) I miss you and love you way too much!!
your sister,
Tabetha jane:)

The Monk(eys) said...

Hey Haley I love reading this blog but I want more info. How did you get started in this and are associated with some agency.I would guess so because you are taking some language courses. I never knew you liked kids this much! Lucky you. Oh ya how long will you be there? Do you get paid in Euros? Do you have a bank up there? Anyway I'm so intrigued you lead such a different life!