Sunday, June 8, 2008

BLOG 1.....I'll have to post two

What a weekend!...Yesterday (saturday) Amelie and Mathias took me on a bus tour around Berlin... and I have lots of pictures and cool facts.... but that will be in Post #2, because I need to get somethings out of the way....alright first just so you know... to pronounce the O with the two dots above it you must be a magician with your make the O with your lips but say E in your mouth....I wish i could hear all of you trying right now because you probably sound just like me which is rediculous :)....oh here's a few pictures of my flat!.. they're from when i first moved in so things are a bit more tidy now oh! and the couch folds into a bed so everyone needs to come visit :)This is the picture of the families house with the berlin wall there house is pretty much the only one you can see and the wall runs along the bottom of the picture they said it curved around just after this and went through their backyard...there were also strange places where it went around different houses property lines... like they justchose (this house will be communist and this one.. not) crazy huh?... on saturday morning we went to Emma's Feild hockey was at a very exculsive club where you pretty much have to inherent the membership, or have a LOT of money ... this place was seriously cut right out of the forest...okay... on to blog two! :)

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