Tuesday, August 19, 2008

it's boring, don't bother

Ok so lately I have had NOTHING to do ...The Girls are in an english camp all day and Teddy goes to kindergarden from about 8:30 til 3:00... I know I should really be exploring the city more, i mean it has SO much history, but i don't really like going on my own...it's not really a problem I ussually dont care about going places by myself and... alright fine, I'm over it... i'll go explore the city....

but right now I'm still bored...
I've been thinking of all the stupid things that have happened to me since I've been here, all my problems with the language, and all the funny things too, so i wanted to make sure i got them all down.. this will be a boring post for everyone... so, you can stop reading now if you'd like :)

Stupid things I've done or that have happend to me:
-2 parking tickets 5 euro each
-1 ticket for not wearing a seatbelt 30 euro (they stopped me at like a road block and i had to pay the 30 right then, it was terrible)
-1 ticket for talking on a Cell phone 70 euro (they take random pictures of drivers, just to see if they're on they're phones...)
-Flat Tire, radio antenna fell off, as did the rear view mirror
-lost a cell phone
-made a big screen fall off a wall
-I used my Debit card (the german one) at a grocery store, and it didnt work so panicked thinking someone stoll my money or my family didnt pay me...drove to three different banks...figured out there was nothing wrong with my card or account the stores machine just wasnt working (doesnt sound that bad but it was really stressfull)

Annoying german words and rules:
meine Fruend(in): My friend and Boyfriend(girlfriend)
kuche kuchen kochen gucken: kitchen, cake, cook, watch
When you learn 1 word, you have to know how to conjugere it into the tense that your speaking in so you really have to learn about 8 words for every word... if ya know what I mean ex.. Schlaufen (sleep) I sleep, you sleep, they sleep, we sleep, they slept (ish schlaufe, du schlaufts, sie schlauft, wir schlaufen, sie geschlaufft)
Gibt: give and also is there...
Mit is with, but you can't say without wich would be mit Kein... you have to say ohne...
they repeat words and everything is backwards to me... I ate a cookie is Ish hat eine cookie gegessen which when you translate is it I had a cookie ate/eaten...
Entshuligung: Sorry/excuse me it's like THE longest word ever
There are a billion other annoying things... this is just what I had to deal with today

Okay done complaining :)... I'm really doing ok here, I enjoy and appreciate everything but it's friggin hard sometimes!

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