Monday, August 18, 2008

some silly randomness

I think it worth mentioning how terrible the German Music is...thank heavens they play mostly Emglish speaking bands on the radio but every once in a while a German rap song will sneak in there, YEP German rap...who even knew they had rhyming words here?....I'm pretty good at understanding the language now but the rap songs are still just jibberish there's one song that's call ish und meine maske which means me and my mask....he wears a silver plated skull mask in the video and it has all these "hot" ladies, but all in mask''s really terrible...and funny :)

Teddy did the cutest thing the other day...He drives me nuts a lot and when I get overwhelmed with him I always say "OH MY GOODNESS!" so he hears it a lot.... I took him to the park yesterday and we were walking over a rope bridge the kind that you really have to be careful cause your feet slip through pretty easily and everytime teddy's foot slipped he said "ohmygeeedness!"... It was the cutest thing EVER :)
A little while ago Gem and I and some other friends rented a little boat at a lake by Gem's house it was wonderful! i wore my American flag bikini...represent
This is Brandenburg Tor...or Brandenburg Gate... The American Embasy is just to the left of the gate in this picture
This was a random Karaoke place in the basement of a bar... no one else was there so we all just sang our little hearts out all night.... the guy standing up in the back was HILLARIOUS! he has a REALLY thick german accent and he only sang meatloaf songs... it's impossible to tell you how funny it was

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