Friday, August 8, 2008

A Wedding in Italy

Hi! here are the pictures from my trip to Italy....I was in Northern Italy (the Italian Alps), at first I was kind of sad that we werent going more south but I think I'd rather wait until i get married cause it's just to romantic of a place to go by yourself ;)
these guys were so cute they played and sang old American songs but in german... really

johanna toke this I just thought it looked cool

some cute little town in Italy...there were vineyards everywhere sooo beautiful
it took all my will power not to burst into "the hills are alive.... with the sound of musiiiiic" this was outside the church where the ceremony was

This wedding consisted of a welcome dinner, a ceremony, a reception(above), a Dinner, and a brunch....apparently they've got some money :).... the whole thing was really cute

this was the view from our Hotel Room

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