Saturday, August 9, 2008

Kitzbuhl, Austria

This was the AMAZING hotel we stayed at
View from my room
going up a mountain :)
This is how Tedy was.... the whole time... hahaha! this picture really cracks me up
We went to a little "mountain adventure" amusement park thing... it was really cute

This was a photo frame... just sitting on the mountain :)
Theyhad all these little frogs explaining where you were suppose to go (we were supposed to try and be finding the 'captured' frog) and this was the one that spoke english... he was my only friend
Everything there was carved out of wood and really impresive... this thing kind of scared me but was too cool not to take a picture of :)

Going up the mountain by our hotel

The rest of the pictures are from a hike we did up the tallest peak in Kitzbuhl

No this was NOT taken from a plane...
Good thing this sign was here cause I was really going to do that...friggin austria, taking all the fun out of falling off mountains
The Girls and I at the restaraunt at the top... we were all VERY tired and hot

you can see where the car was parked it's the very far away house looking thing in the middle

this is by far my favorite picture :)


The Monk(eys) said...

You know what I love most about these pictures? Looking at the kids clothes. Here in America I can always spot a "foreigner"! They were socks with sandals, bright Velcro shoes, and clothes that are too small(usually mens shorts and tight(usually womens capris). Glad to see you are still American looking- You look fantastic with all the back drops!

Haley said...

Oh I know! I'm always trying to get them out of the whole socks with sandals thing, I hate it! but it's realy funny seeing what people where over here just in general, everyone really just wears whatever they have in the closet, no matter the color or size or anything. And no one looks at them twice they're all just so used to everyone looking so weird no one stares anymore... it's so hard for me not to make funof or not stare when I see some old european man in SHORT cut off jeans and a pink fish net shirt...