Wednesday, November 19, 2008

good and bad....

Bad: The car got broken into last week, they just smashed the passenger side window and stole the Navigation system
Since learning German my english spelling has gone to hell
I deleted 13 pages of my book on accident
This is the coldest weather I have ever experienced...and apparently it gets colder
Deathcab for cutie (one of my favorite bands) is coming and I have no one to go with! :(
The DVD player Corey brought me for my birthday is broken and I can't sleep without it!
After 6pm the Wildeschwein own the streets (wild pigs, they are huge and scarey and killed a hunter last week)

Good: Gem is back and has a new place in Prenzaulerburg (I nice place near the center of Berlin)
I've lost 15 lbs
I'm spending christmas with Gem's family in England and then taking a trip to scottland
I'm having thanksgiving dinner the saturday after thanksgiving
I still love Berlin, and the family I work for
The kids are really doing good with English, Und mein deustch ist nichts schlecks, Gleich, kan ish eine blog auf deustch machen.
....hmmm, that's all I can think of


Meka said...

I am so proud of your German i'm sure it's so good! Learning another language is hard so good job. Sorry about the dvd player and the car getting broken into! I want to know more about the pigs. They just walk around the streets?

Blog Anonymously said...

Woohoo! Send those pounds my way=preferably the boobs!

Haley said...

Amanda! WHYYY am I not allowed to see your blog???? HMMMMM?

Blog Anonymously said...

i don't know I added you on? try again today. Sorry. Jessica Taylor said the same thing

Haley said...

Still no luck Amanda :( are you using the right email? it's