Sunday, November 9, 2008


A few pictures from the London-in-a-day trip

Mathias and Amelie got back from thailand last night just in time to make it to a party Mathias' company was throwing for him to celebrate his making partner (for I got all thee kids in their sunday best)...the night ranked right up there with the day I broke my ankle, and the time I got in a car accident... It was basically just a concert and everyone there knew everyone else and were speaking very difficult german so I condemed myslf to a chair in the corner hoping not to be seen or asked "are you ok?" which is every Germans favorite question...I hadn't eaten all day (I had one meal all week I think) and I had a glass of wine wich made me even more tired, and anyone who knows me knows I get grumpy when I'm tired... so just as the wine was taking effect the whole 'fam' found me and drop everything they had on my lap, two drinks, a few presents, a jacket, and a VERY tired and unmanagable Teddy.. I seriously considered leaving never to be seen again, (keep in mind I had these three kids by myself for 6 days) so i found out there was a Downstairs 'quiet room' so I gathered everything I had and akwardly walked down stairs in my VERY high boots....and there I stayed with the girls running up and down between the two places, and Teddy crying for his parents the whole time. (insert throw-up noise here) so that was my night.

The week was a little better, it was stressful and sleepless but all in all ok. I got really sick with a sinus infection on friday and decided I couldnt be bothered to cook, so I called Mathias' Dad who had come in earlier in the day to "help" (cough-bullshit-cough, he was the fourth child)...I called to ask him what he wanted from McDonalds to which he replied "nein, du must fur mer Brote Kaufen"-"no you need to buy me bread"...I just about drove the car into a brick wall, had I not been so sick and tired I really wouldnt have minded.

I also had my birthday this week, it was really cute the girls woke up early and gt the present and cake that Amelie and Mathias had hid before they left and layed them all out on the table and woke me up by singing "hoppy berssday"... cute...The best thing is their present to me is going to b the plane ticket to wherever I want to go for christmas...(ths sandy beaches of ANYWHERE are calling my name)... I TRULY hate getting older, I'm only 23 but I still feel like I'm not doing everything should be doing or have done...let's just freeze it right here...another revalation this week had brought is I am SOOO not having kids, I dont want to say EVER but definately not for a long time, call it selfish (cause I'm pretty sure that's what it is)... I cannot believe how many people my age have kids and I can't help but wonder how many of them wish they would have waited knowing the difference they make in there life and marraige (not that any of them would ever admit it even if they did feel that way)...I look at Amelie and Mathias and how they have nearly NO time for themselves or even to enjoy each others company without someone crying, breaking something, or just wining about some other thing they're not grateful for (which is ALL German children by the way, they really raise kids different here)...I heard someone call Amelie too strict, and I about tackle them to the ground, she's the only parent I've met here that doesnt give there kids EVERYTHING the want, you go girl.

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Collin & Breena said...

Hey Girl! I haven't talked to you in a while and thought its about time I should! I am so jealous your in Germany! That is awesome. Sounds like your having a grand time with those kids! ha. When are you coming back from Germany? Let me know what happening!