Sunday, January 11, 2009


One of the coolest things I've seen in Berlin is Olypmia-Stadion....this was the site of the 1936 olympics which happened while Berlin was under Nazi control...I dont really know why I liked it so much but the whole thing really just made a big impression on me

This bell was in the tower above where hitler gave the opening cerimonies speech
I know this looks like a prison but it was actually an entrance to the pool

this was where hitler gave his speech (also the first peice of video to be broadcasted into space) ALSO there were a lot of first time things used in these olypics, the 'running camera' the camera placed on a rail to "run" next to the athletes on the track or in the pool....there are a few more I just can't think of them...

the stadium

Typical Nzi architechture, over bearing and dominant, there are still quite a few buildings around berlin that were built during this time and you can always spot them

They use the stadium mostly for soccer games now

the front entrance

it was cold and windy

this is my "why the heck does this thing look like a prison?" face

me trapped in the 'prison'

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