Monday, January 26, 2009

Mein Computer ist Wieder Kaput!....ya My computer is completely broken...I hate how technology makes you completely dependant on it, then just quits out of nowhere... so anyway I'm still alive.
I Going to Greece next Month! I'm REALLY excited...then Portugal, then Ireland, and I'm gunan try and get a trip to Milan in too, it's only about an hour and a half flight so I think I can go for a weekend or somthing.... It's really amazing being here, in europe you can jump on a plane and be in a completely different culture, government, language... you name it, in a matter of minutes, I love it.
I'm coming back home on May 29th, that's when my Visa is up so legally I have to leave, not that I'm not going to be happy to be back, but it will be a little bitter sweet I think.
I start another Laguage class next week, it's everyday like it was befor so I'm not really looking forward to the intensity but it's good cause I know that I'll be fluent by the time I get back.
It's still pretty cold here... the ice is starting to melt but it's supposed to get real cold again... :(.. I was talking to my friend from Arizona the other day and she said it was about 75 there, and I was like really? well I walked on a lake today!...I am definately NOT a cold weather person...
I found an American Library wich is now how I will be spending ALL my spare time :)

I think that's all the updates for now...I really wish I had some pictures!


Lyndi said...

Haley, of course I remember you! :) Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it! Everyone has a different opinion and they're all valuable. It's good to know that I'm expected to look fab, haha! Danke, und viel gl├╝ck mit deinen Kindern!

Brittany said...

That would be so cool to speak German. My family had an exchange student from Germany a year ago and they're planning on going to Europe to visit him and his family. Some serious language skills like yours would come in handy!

Brooke said...

Haley! you should come up to Utah when you get home then we can get together with Sheena and Meg!!!