Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weinachsten! (Christmas)

Germany is a VERY christmas oriented country... the celebrating lasts pretty much all month... they sit down with family and friends EVERy sunday of the month and drink coffee and eat homemade christmas cookies... and EVERYthing is decorated... from the streets to the doorknobs (i'll take more pictures so you get what I mean) They also have these things called WeinachtsMarkt (Christmas Markets)... they are great they have rides adn all kinds of little booths selling everything from sausages to socks, from Gluhwien (a warm cider-like wine) to handmad leather's really cute and very festive I love it... but it's still SO cold! and I havnt seen the sun in months! I think I might be depressed... anyway here are some pictures of the happenings lately :)

Christmas Markets

Gems Boyfriends Birthday Party
(yes Grandma that is the sweater you sent me :)

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