Sunday, December 14, 2008

for inquiring minds

I added some pictures of the WILDSCHWEIN....these are what they look like... I'm too afraid to pull out my Camera when i see them on the street. here are some random facts, as well as answers to questions :)
I live next to the forest... there are tree's everywhere here but there is like a full forest across the big river that's just across the street from where I live, and that's where THEY live... APPARENTLY they SWIM across as soon as it get's dark and swim back at dawn (not anymore, cause it's too cold so you don't see as many now, but I've still seen 2 this week)
They are MEAN! especially if they have babies with them, there is a guy that lives on this street who had his leg broken when one Rammed him out of nowhere while he was walking his dog at night... and another one killed a hunter a month or so ago.. .I think the hunter shot him so he was mad, but still!
The can get REALLY big, the biggest one I've seen here is easily as big as like a st. Bernard... I hate them...

i cant remember any other questions

This isnt what the babies ussually look like.. they're ussually just all grey, this picture is from a story about why they look like that...

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Krysta and Zac said...

WHAT IN THE CRAZINESS! Sheesh I would never ever want to meet one of those. They remind me of the wild boars that live in down by the virgin river that get to be 400 pounds of meanness. Yuck pigs should be eaten!