Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Some hillarious Quotes

Most of these conversations took place in German... so the translations might not be as funny but these are things I want to remember

Man on Radio- Hallo Zusamen!
Me-Why does he say that? it means hello together right?.. I dont get what it means
Johanna- I know it just means like hello everbody
Me- Well that's stupid, why doesnt he just say 'hallo Jedeman' then?
Johanna- I dont know it is just another thing so Americans dont learn German

Yesterday was Carnival and all the kids dress up like halloween Johanna was a Jaguar...
Johanna was running up the stairs and fell and started crying so her friend came over and says
friend- It's ok, dont cry, Tigers dont cry
Johanna- Im a jaguar! they cry!

Me- tedddy why wont you go poop on the toilet? are you scared or just lazy?
teddy- I do go on the toilet but the poop is scared of the toilet and it wont come out.

Johanna- A girl in my class think that you are very pretty, I dont know why, I think she just like brown hair.

Emma was an astronaut(sp?) for Carnival
Emma- I dont want to be and astronaut when I grow up so maybe I shouldnt be one for carnival
Amelie- well johanna isnt going to be a jaguar
Emma- No but she can always drive one

Teddy- Haley, I am bad
Me- what?
teddy- I pooped

Teddy- I am blue, green and purple...what color are you? (not for a game or anything he was just saying this in general
Me-ummm.. I am red..
teddy- Just red?.... your boring

Me- teddy do you want apple juice?
Teddy- no I hate apple juice
me- ok do you want water?
Teddy- no I want apple juice

Johanna- Haley you are the best Aupair! when we get our new au pair I will tell her that she is the best au pair, but really you will be the best au pair.
Me- Ha!
Johanna- all of my teachers thin kthat they are the best teachers but I done even like any of them

Teddy- the sun is shining.... I hate it

Me- So how was your day?
Johanna- Good
Emma- Good
Teddy- Stupid

Teddy- when we are home you shouldnt leave, cause when you leave I will cry
Me- Ok
Teddy- is my Mamma home?
Me- I think so
Teddy- Ok when we are home you should leave.

Teddy was a Lion for Carnival...
Teddy- will you come down stairs with me?
Me- ya!
Teddy- no you should say yes, LION.


Brittany said...

LOL! Those are some smart and witty kids! I absolutely loved all those quotes. Kids scare me with their intelligence sometimes, more than my poop is afraid of the toilet. :) I'm so happy you have a blog so the rest of us can live vicariously through you.

Anonymous said...

lol! That WAS hilarous:) Make sure you write everything down because if you write a book about this, you will make a ton of money. I would definately buy it!:)
Love you, and miss you!
Tabetha jane
p.s. sorry it says anonymous, it the only way I can post my comments

J and Heather said...

That is freaking hilariuos!!!!!! I love the things kids say. Never a dull moment for your with those three.