Monday, August 9, 2010

Just another manic monday....

This was a fun week...It was slow to start but great to finish :) on Thursday we went to  see these guys

Yes, I was RUSH-I-FIED.....:) They were really amazing, truly AMAZING musicians. And from what Corey tells me the Drummer (THE UNDISPUTED BEST DRUMMER IN THE WORLD) has had a totally tragic life thus far and has somehow come out of it an amazing person...and I'm not talking about drugs or anything like that, he's had actual tragedies that were not brought on by himself, if you get a chance google Niel Peart and you'll see what I mean.

On saturday we went up to Park city to take a look at the Art festival, there were all kinds of beautiful and amazing artwork, that were thousands of dollars out of our price range. :) So we went to a really cute Italian restraunt and SPLUUUURGED was delicious, we colored on the table and ate Caprese and loved each other :)

This week ought to be pretty good too, Tab and Jess are here for Trents birthday tomorrow, We're having  nice little BBQ at a park...And Corey is in Vegas now getting the girls so they can spend August with us. Friday is JACK JOHNSON!!! :) I love him and I know he'd love me if he knew me :) Then on the 31st we're all going to  Owl City and John Mayer which will be fun but lets face it... They're no Jack Johnson :) YAY for a concertfulAugust :)


Amanda Monk said...

I love reading you mondays! Si I'm glad to hear one person (can you hear the angels chior singing!?) that has decided to (gasp!) wait to have kids:)Enjoy your seet life. And it looks like your hair is already growing. So see the cut wasn't too bad huh. How are Cory's kids doing? Will he let you post some of them too:)

Amanda Monk said...

*sweet life