Monday, August 2, 2010

My Boys...



These handsome fellows are the new men in my life, I've been there nanny since October (which is crazy to me because that means I will have lived here for a year in less than two months!? THIS YEAR HAS GONE INSANELY FAST!)....They are so very cute and remind me of the cuties in Germany that i miss so very much :)....Being a nanny has plenty of advantages as well as disadvantages but over all I do really enjoy it. The only things that ever make me consider just completely quiting all together are the parents, I always love the kids I nanny :)  A little while ago Corey was nice enough to accompany us on a little hike to the Timpanogus Cave (no idea how to spell Timpanogas). So the rest of the pictures are from that, they both really did well considering it was a mile and a half STRAIGHT UP, Alexandre was on Corey's back and I'm not sure if you can tell how much of a chunk he is but Corey definitely had the hardest trip of all of us, poor guy...but oh I love him so! :)  I have learned so much about myself, kids, marriage, and life in general since I decided to be a nanny it's an amazing way to look into other people's lies and figure out what works and doesn't work with out having to figure it out on your own life :)...I know now that while I LOVE kids i will be waiting a GREAT WHILE until I have my own. With Corey's two girls and the kids I watch I don't have the 'hunger' as some people put it and I get to see first hand just how much work it REALLY is.  I also get to see how different couples interact with each other and what makes them successful or maybe not so's almost like therapy :)  Any way I just thought I'd share with you, my Cute guys :)

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Nate and Felicia said...

Haha, I just left you a comment on your fb post, and am now realizing that maybe it doesn't really make sense anymore, because you nanny:)