Monday, August 16, 2010

Just Cant say it enough


He is truly amazing, I love his music and everything he stands up for an believes in is so great....Did you know that 100% of the proceeds from his tour go to non profit orginizations that are dedicated to greener living? and before every conert he plays an accoustic set in front of the non profit booths at the venue he is playing at just to make sure people know they are there and get involved. Can anyone think of one other rockstar that would do that!?...I certainly can't.
So anyway Corey and I went to his concert here on the 13th and it was of course wonderful I was FRONT AND CENTER for his acoustic set and I truly feel like I can die happy now :)

This is my third time seeing him but my first with corey....The first time i ever saw him i went with Brooke and we had both agreed until recently that it was definitly the best day of our lives thus far, we bought Lawn seets and some very nice man was walking around looking for REAL fans and he gave us pit passes where we were just a row or two away from him...Then I saw him in berlin and he made me so happy and comfortable at a time when I was really struggling with the language and meeting friends...then this time I was able to actually touch him! :) it was amazing....

Ok moving on to the weekend :)....on saturday corey and the girls and I woke up early (as early as we could so about 9) and drove up to Lava hot springs for the day. It was SO much fun! if anyone in the area is able to go or is even thinking of going DEFINITLY go. I think Corey and I had even more fun than the girls did.
They also have on indoor pool with a little rock wall and more diving was seriousl SO fun

And here's a picture of corey and his girls for Amanda :)...This was from our disneyland trip

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Anonymous said...

Umm I've never heard of jack (haha!) but I really like his name(: And Coreys girls are (adorable!)not little! I was thinking they were? Yikes it must be crazy to think that they aren't anymore. I keep telling people-the way 12 year old look and grow these days, that I'm still waiting for it to happen to me:)