Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I just watched   THIS really sad video so I'm a bit depressed....but i'll keep on truckin and tell you all (meaning myself...i have no assumptions that anyone else cares to read this crap) that the girls went back to live with satan herself in satans lair (vegas) on sunday. So that was sad but we did have a fun day at lagoon before they made the trip
i know my face looks weird it's a combination of the pnuemonia that was setting in and the VERY bright sun which seemed to only bless myself with it's rays.

that's all for my update this week :) the following in really just for me...I need a place to put my TO DO lists... as well as random thoughts...and this seems as good as any.

Get Car registered in UT
get the emmisions test thing
find title of my car
Call insurance
Get UT drivers license
Send in transcript requests
get ticket fixed
look for houses

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Amanda Monk said...

why ypour face is very blessed Haley:)