Saturday, June 21, 2008

I just love my German family :)

My kids are so good...Johanna and Emma are always helping me out.. and they always want to do things..(not just sit around and watch TV) and Teddy, while crazy, is just the cutest little boy, and I totally miss him when he's not around...The other day we were watching "Enchanted", Johanna can speak english pretty well so she kind of got the jist of the movie and about half way through it she asks me "Haley, are you a princess?" HOW CUTE!!! :) I said "a princess? no" and she says "but you are always laughing like her and you have long hair"... I could have died, she's so cute. And she's always saying things like "haley, you are fe besses Au Pair in da veld" and I say "you are the bestest kids in the world!" :)


Ron said...

you're a queen not a princess :-)

Brooke said...

HI! I miss you! Youre too far away! Im glad your having fun though except for your gay teacher!Ah! Maybe thats it, he;s gay and therfore only likes guys! I figured it out! Im a genius! Do you still have the same email? I want to email you! Love you! Miss You! Have Fun!