Tuesday, June 24, 2008

the touring of a Castle

so a couple weekends ago we toured a castle... it was pretty much the last, or one of the last of the prussian kings... it was actually where the stalin convention(?) (where truman and stalin and everyone else met to talk about stuff)...but more importantly it was built for the kings wife... then world war II happend and they had to leave... so they lived in it for a bout 6 years... then had to leave...then came back afterwards and lived out the rest of there days... it's really cute story...You'll notice that it doesnt really look all that much like a castle...it's because they both really loved english architecture...so the hired an english guy to Design and build it... which is why it looks like something out of snow white :)
cute huh??.... it was in a park that ran along a lake which was beautiful

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