Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mcdonalds....not just for food

TOO funny...yesterday I picked up Teddy from Nursery and Johana from school, and emmediatly Johanna starts telling me how hungry she is... so i tried to stop at a backery that turned out to be a restraunt...so i told her she'd have to wait til we got home...however the traffic was so bad I had to stop for her...(she really never complains so if she says she's hungry I know she really is) anyway we stopped and I got her some fries at mcdonalds...and they both just had SOO much fun with the bags I had to share...

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The Thomson Family said...

Hi Haley! Of course I remember you, you were one of my closest friends, I have been wondering what you were up to and so I am glad to see your blog. Its so cool that you are in Germany, I am jealous. Those are some pretty cool pictures. Yah love living the ranching life its lots of fun, I swear I learn something new everytime I go down there. I am glad that I am doing this so we can keep in touch.