Monday, August 11, 2008

Thuringa (I'm sure that's not how it's spelled)

Okay! so this is that last of the pictures from my little trip :) the last place we stayed was an old castle in Southern Germany (Thuringa)..Funny thing happend...the doors here run off of keys...what I mean is you can't open the door without one... the doorknobs dont turn unless your on the inside, and even then you have to have a key to open it if the door is locked... soooo one of the days we were at this castle I wasn't feeling well so i stayed in the room while the fam went exploring... while I was in the shower the maid came and cleaned and locked the door on her way out so i was locked in the whole day! so now i can officially say was locked in the tower of a castle.. . funny huh?:)
The last day we were there it wasa teddy's birthday, and the video is him playing in the little courtyard with his new toys he's sing the theme to Bob the Builder although here it's called Bob the Baumeister it was just too cute not to share

this is the oldest part of the castle the stone part of it is over 1000 years old
this is the toilet! there's a hole in there and "everything" just drops on down! ha!

this was the little courtyard where we ate all our meals


Krysta and Zac said...

Oh my gosh I am so jealous of you.! You get to take care of the cutest kids and travel Europe. I hope you are having tons of fun! And of course you can be part of our family!!

The Thomson Family said...

I amglad you are having so much fun, I am jealous, I want to go over there some time. I don't think that I will though, because of my husband, maybe I will have to go with out him. Love the pictures.