Monday, January 5, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I'm back! :) I went to Scotland for Christmas (Edinburgh) It was beautiful and I can't wait to back when it's warm so I can tour the highlands... The whole trip was great, I met really nice people and the the city was beautiful...Very picturesce and mid-evil...I'm really glad I was Able to go....I'm not sure what my next trip will be but my time is running short here (my visa is up on may 29th) so here is the list of places I want to go so everyone can hold me to it
Rome (maybe, I think I want to wait until Corey can go with me)
Turkey (the riviera)

Me on top of a small mountain I climbed, I know it looks weird cause I had to et the timer on the camera... no one was around to take the picture :)

the small mountain thing that I climbed

A little more than half way up...

The Castle

on top of the hill that the Castle is on

You were supposed to spit to this heart for good luck:)

Part of the Edinburgh Skyline

View from my room

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